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Shareware and License Keys


What is a license key?

If you decide to use our product, you simply "unlock" the trial version by entering your license key at the opening "nag" screen.  The software is fully functional while locked, but you will always get the nag screen reminding you that you are in the trial mode.  Legally, you should purchase a key if you decide to use the software.

How do I get a license key?

You get a license key when you register or purchase one.  Please see our Products section for purchase information.

What does a license key entitle me to?

If you own a personal license key, then you may "unlock" the product on any number of machines, home or office, on any supported operating system and after any number of upgrades, for personal use, as long as you own the key. However, others may not use your key.

If you use a site copy, then as long as you are retained by the site, you may use the software at home or at the office. However, after you are no longer retained by that site, you must stop using the software at home.

I lost my license key.  What now?

Oops!  E-Mail us at with the name, address, and the e-mail you used to register the software.  (And the registration name if you know it.)  We can hook you back up.  Now might be a good time to remind you to please keep a record of keys, passwords, etc. for all your software.  And don't forget that computers crash.


Compress 2000


Why is Compress 2000 cheaper than the competition?

We don't feel cheaper!  And we insist on creating the highest-quality software.  We use cost-saving measures like internet distribution and an internet store-front.  Also, software production tools have increased in power and decreased in expense.  Perhaps the question should be why the competition is so expensive!

Will you support compression formats such as ACE and RAR?

We feel an accurate estimate of the number of files archived/compressed with either ZIP or TAR (including TGZ) is about 99%.  There is a good reason.  More formats means more user confusion when you provide an archive.  It also means our program will be more complex and have a higher costs and program size, and possibly slower code.

ZIP and TAR/TGZ use the best compression technology known.  Other formats offer subtle trade-offs that are not worthwhile in our opinion.  (See our benchmarks.)  We hope to take a stand against spreading confusion with too many formats!

So, there is no plan to include all the other formats, but let us know if it is important to you.  (Note that some other utilities don't really support these formats either, because they require you to buy another program, first.)

Do you have discounts for corporations or bulk purchases?

Yep.  Check out our purchase page.


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