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Finally!  An intuitive interface for ZIP files!

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Compress 2000 works like the Microsoft Windows file browser in every way possible.  View your files in folders, or view them in one complete  listing similar to WinZip.  (This mode is called Classic mode).  Unlike other archive tools, you can also open multiple archives at once both ZIP and TAR formats.


Creating Archives


Compress 2000 lets you create new archives and save them when you are ready.  (Other archive tools make changes to your archive immediately, overwriting the original!)  In other words, Compress 2000 is a well-behaved office tool.

Compress 2000 can create ZIP, TAR, and TGZ files.  (Some utilities read multiple formats, but only create archives in ZIP format.)

To add files, and even folders, to an archive, simply drag and drop from Windows (or even copy and paste if you prefer).  You can even add any number of files and folders through the built-in Add Dialog.  Notice the "Add Folder" button below:

Compress 2000 supports archives with passwords.  Files can even be deleted and renamed once inside the archive.


Extracting Archives

Files, and folders, can also be extracted from an archive through drag and drop, or copy and paste.  For the quick extraction of all files, a special "Extract All" command is provided:

Compress 2000 can perform most operations in a quick, intuitive way.



Compress 2000's interface is designed to be familiar to anyone who uses modern programs such as Microsoft Office.  You can even customize its tool bars and its menu bar!  Rearrange them, remove or add command buttons, change the size of command buttons, etc.


Test Drive

Why settle for a few screenshots?  Give Compress 2000 a trial run for 30 days free!  If you decide to purchase it, it's only $15.  We think you will find it hard to go back to other archive utilities.




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