Compare Compress 2000 to WinZip

One of the most important features of Compress 2000 is its modern Windows 2000-like interface.  If you can use Windows, you can backup and compress your files with complete confidence.  Try Compress 2000 for a few weeks and see if you can go back to WinZip!

Please check our comparison chart (below), or walk through a few tasks done in both Compress 2000 and WinZip.  You can also view our quick feature tour, or see a few benchmarks.

Comparison Chart


Pricing and License

  Compress 2000 WinZip
Price for one license $15 $29
Free upgrades Yes No Guarantee
One user may use utility on any number of machines Yes  Yes
Evaluation period 30 days 21 days

File Formats

  Compress 2000 WinZip
Supports Zip files
(the Windows standard)
Yes Yes
Supports Tar and Gzip files
(the Unix standards)
Yes Read Only
Converts between Tar/Unix symbolic links and Zip/Windows shortcuts Yes No

Interface (1)

  Compress 2000 WinZip
Save archive cleanly Yes No (2)
Show archived files in folders Yes No
Show archived files as list Yes Yes
Add folders easily Yes No (3)
Drag folders into archive Yes No (4)
Drag folders out of archive Yes Not Possible (5)
Drag files out of archive Yes Loses Hierarchy (6)
Copy and paste files Yes No
File extract and add interfaces Like Windows 98/2000 Complicated
Maintain multiple passwords Yes No

(1) This section of the comparison is a bit complex.  For those who wish to skip the details, suffice it to say that Compress 2000's interface strives to look and work just like the Microsoft Windows interface we all know.  WinZip has no copy and paste of files and supports drag and drop inconsistently.  It has trouble with folders full of files.  Does that make you comfortable when backing up a folder of your business proposals, source code, or other important work?

(2) WinZip saves archives immediately as you make changes.  If you make a mistake or change your mind when adding or deleting a file, you may lose your files!  By comparison, Compress 2000 works like most applications and waits to commit changes until you choose "Save."

(3) There is no way to add folders in WinZip without drag and drop.  Compress 2000 can include a folder through its regular "Add File" interface, through drag and drop, or  through copy and paste.

(4) As of WinZip 8, dragging a folder into an archive will probably add the wrong files and perform other odd mistakes.  Hopefully this will be fixed in version 8.1.

(5) Since WinZip shows all files in an archive as one big list, the only way to spot the folders that are archived is by looking at the "path" column that is included with each file.  The end result is that there is no way to drag a folder.

(6) Dragging files out of WinZip loses the information about their paths.  Your folders will not be created properly.




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