Our Mission


Affordable Software

We insist on creating the highest-quality software.  However, we employ many cost-saving measures like internet distribution, clean designs, and the best software production tools.  All in all, we want to keep our prices and products in top shape for you.  If you agree we are doing a good job, please tell others!

Finished Software

Our goal is a great design and no bugs.  Period.  Of course, we will update our tools to perform with new, important standards and we love your feedback on desired features.  But you won't find "kitchen sink" software here.  Some companies have their reasons to create a so-called "major version" every year, full of awkward "features," and always in a half-finished state.  Then their loyal customers are expected to pay for the upgrade.  That's not us!  And we feel that tools that try to do too much end up unintuitive to use and just plain nerve-wracking.

Intuitive Software

We provide software that works elegantly with Microsoft Windows.  Our tools are customizable in a way similar to Microsoft Office 2000, and provide a similar look-and-feel.  Hopefully, you can work with them immediately and, if you desire, mold them to your way of working.  The greatest compliment you could give us would be that you've never seen such clean, polite tools!




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